Just as AOA rightly says in it's 2016 Guide to Member Benefits

> The AOA and You are Better Together

When you join the AOA, you join a group of more than 40,000 optometric professionals dedicated to advancing the science, stature, and business of optometry. Top reasons to be a member are
Advocacy A strong voice where it matters most
Clinical Resources The leading edge of patient care
Continuing Education Improving skills, educating leaders
Public Awareness Sharing our vision for better eye care

With this focus in mind we've rebuild the website to bring IEOS Members together with each other, IEOS, COA and AOA.
As you may know we started by reaching out to IEOS members with a short 4 question survey.

1. Have you visited the website in last 6 months?
2. What did you visit website for?
3. What feature would you prefer in the new website ? Rate each in order of preference from 1 = Most desirable to 6 = Least including other if you desire to have feature not listed.
4. What Social Network would you prefer to have integrated with new website?


Note: Other Text field was left blank by all the respondents.

We further researched Member Engagement Studies including :
Abila's Member Engagement Study

It is important to understand the generational breakdown:


To realize what keeps members engaged by generation

With all this in focus, we've developed the all new IEOS.org





and here is a quick screencast of few of the new features we've introduced:

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns at [email protected]

Munish Sharma, MD OD FAAO
2016-17 Secretary, IT/Communication Chair, IEOS
Designer and Developer of all new IEOS.org