The beer festival CalOPAC fundraiser is moved to Sunday, November 6 from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm and lowered ticket prices to $250. It should be a really fun event. The ticket includes a seat on the popular beer bus that will take you to at least three different craft breweries in Sacramento. The bus staff will also serve you drinks while the tour goes from place to place and provide lunch.

It is very critical that we make this fundraiser a success. As you know, these funds help to get optometry-friendly candidates elected and help keep our incumbent friends in office. With the November election right around the corner, we must replenish our PAC funds in order to stay competitive with other PACs (…like CMA’s huge PAC). Please try to attend or make a contribution, and encourage your friends and colleagues to attend as well.

It will be a fun day to drink beer…or just simply see the sights of Sacramento if you are not a beer aficionado. We are hoping this event will kick start the momentum within our grassroots advocates as the Leg. Committee and HCDS have huge, complementary agendas ahead of them in the next year.

The event invitation is attached. Hope you can make it!

Kind regards,

Julie Andrade
Grassroots Manager
California Optometric Association
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