COA is supporting AB 1110, legislation that would require children to receive an eye exam before they enter school. If you live in an Assembly district represented by a below-listed member of the Assembly Education Committee, we need you to send your lawmaker a message in support of the bill!


  • Patrick O'Donnell (Chair) - AD 70 (Long Beach)
  • Rocky Chávez (Vice Chair) - AD 76 (Carlsbad)
  • Todd Gloria - AD 78 (Coastal San Diego)
  • Kevin Kiley - AD 06 (Roseville)
  • Kevin McCarty - AD 07 (Sacramento)
  • Tony Thurmond - AD 15 (Berkeley)
  • Shirley N. Weber - AD 79 (East San Diego)

If your lawmaker is listed above, please click here to send a message in support of this legislation. The system will only accept email messages from constituents. If you or an organization you work with would like to send a letter in support, here is a sample letter. If you have any questions, please contact Kara Corches