As a part of AB 443 that went into effect January 2018, optometrists in California were authorized to administer vaccines following proper certification.  The issue was that the State Board of Optometry had not developed a certification program at the time.  

Now, with the emergency order that authorizes Optometrists to administer vaccines certification has been prioritized.  The details and costs to add the certification to Optometry Licenses are still in the process of being completed, but many training programs have been established that will provide a certificate of completion that should be accepted by the State Board of Optometry.

If you are interested in completing a training course, there are three coming up:

  • Western University of Health Sciences: College of Pharmacy
    • March 9 & 10 6:30PM-9:30PM Zoom Sessions
    • March 12 & 13 Practicum Assessment by Appointment
  • Marshall B. Ketchum University: College of Pharmacy
    • March 21 8AM-4PM Zoom Session
    • March 22 6PM 2 Hour Practicum
  • California Optometric Association with Traning provided by the California Pharmacists Association.
    • March 20 8AM-3PM Zoom Session
    • In person Practicum scheduled by appointment at various Schools of Pharmacy

Cost of these programs is $399.00

You can register and find more information at the following COA website: Click Here